Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wizard101 Crown Generator 2014 is a program made for a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in a Harry Potter like realm of child wizards and evil sorcerers. Wizard101 is a highly polished game with plenty of lore and an original graphic style. Play as one of seven Wizard types and thwart the sinister plans Malistare Drake while learning new spells and exploring the realms of the game.

Wizard101 Crown Generator 2014

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About The Game

Wizard101 is a unique MMORPG where players take control of a wizard freshly enrolled in the academy for wizards (known as Ravenwood Academy). It definitely has an all to familiar Harry Potter style feel, so Harry Potter fans will definitely start looking around the room for the Sorting Hat.
Character creation is also simplified and mostly accomplished by selecting from pre-determined sets (especially when naming to prevent profanity in names). The voice acting is also very solid allowing players to easily follow the game's instructions as they are presented.

Graphics and Interface As you would expect, the graphics are cute, colorful, cartoonish, and easy on hardware. Although it's a long way from Harry Potter, the art direction is bang on and the animation is excellent. There are some remarkably elaborate spell effects which are a joy to watch, even if they do get a little repetitive after a while. The GUI is robust yet minimal, giving you just what you need as you need it. The map and navigational aids also fullfill their purpose in a simple and efficient way.
Outside of combat, movement and camera controls closely mimick those of mainstream titles like World of Warcraft or EQ2. The initial download is relatively small and the game streams new areas to you as you encounter them, allowing you to play areas you already have as they download.

This game will appeal to children who enjoy Edward Eager or JK Rowling's magical stories. Apart from combat, little Wizards can earn enough gold in-game by playing minigames and dueling to buy new clothing, accessories, Treasure cards, as well as Houses and housing items to place in their house. As with any MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), Wizard 101 is constantly changing because it provides regular and free updates to the game giving players more things to do. This is a fun game for parents to explore with their kids. They can even team up with their children in duels.

Conclusion All in all, I found this to be a fun and compelling game. For the hard-cord among us, I’d say that it is not a game for long periods of play, but one for popping in and out of on a casual basis. I enjoyed the use of strategy as opposed to button mashing in combat, found the graphics charming, the mini-games scarily addictive and I even liked my dour instructor of the Myth School. I am not the only long time MMO player enjoying this game. A chat at E3 with other game journalists on games we were playing all turned to Wizard 101 beta, the schools we preferred and which mini-game was eating away our review and writing time.
Wizard 101 provides a limitless free trial. In other words, it is free-to-play but you are limited to early levels and areas of the game. Do yourself and your kid (if you have one) a favor. Give this game a try for free. You may be very pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy it, and at $9.95 a single account or $6.95 each for a family account, this may be the best bang for the buck in MMOs this year.